Fractional CTO Service

Elevate your business strategy with our comprehensive Fractional CTO Services. Designed for small and growing businesses, we provide the expertise needed to turn technology into a pivotal element of your success.

What a Fractional CTO Can Do For Your Business?

“Non-technical CEO” Technical Guidance & Support

Boost your business skills with tech advice that is tailored to your vision. Our services include:

  • Aligning business requirements with technology choices and product roadmap.
  • In-depth evaluation and guidance on your technology stack, team, and processes.
  • Intensive ‘boot camp’ for effective collaboration with product and engineering teams.
  • Strategic guidance on product development sequencing for maximum impact.
  • Acting as a dependable sounding board for aligning technology with your business objectives.

Roadmap and Architecture Assessment

Make informed decisions with our expert analysis and advice:

  • Insightful feedback on technology choices.
  • Detailed roadmap reviews with constructive input.
  • Strategies for aligning engineering and product goals.
  • Assistance in vendor and technology assessments.

Hiring Consulting

Build a team that drives success:

  • Develop or refine your interview and hiring processes.
  • Training for your team on effective interviewing techniques.
  • Strategies for ensuring a DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) – positive candidate experience.
  • Participation in your engineering interview process for talent assessment.
  • Expert advice on offshoring, near-shoring, and managing remote teams.
  • Assistance in interviewing potential full-time CTO candidates.

Leadership Development

Empower your engineering leadership:

  • Customised coaching for all levels of engineering management.
  • Development of ‘servant leadership’ skills.
  • Coaching for engineers transitioning into management roles.
  • Guidance for upleveling managers to Directors and VPs.

Development Process Expertise

Streamline your software development:

  • Establishment or refinement of a baseline software development process.
  • Assessment and enhancement of existing development methodologies.
  • Education and guidance on effective process management.
  • Coaching on agile methodologies for impactful, streamlined processes.

Building a Great Culture

Foster a thriving workplace:

  • Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Effective organisational design for tech teams.
  • Leadership techniques for impactful results with minimal bureaucracy.
  • Building an inclusive, diversity-first workplace.
  • Developing agile and lean capabilities within your team.


Scale smartly for future growth:

  • Expert advice and guidance on scaling products, processes, and technology.
  • Strategies for effective team growth and organizational structuring.

How it works

On-Demand CTO

Access expertise as you need it:

  • Flexible: Consulting by the hour for on-demand CTO services.
  • Immediate: Access to expert advice, feedback, and support for your team.

Retainer-Based CTO Services

Consistent Expertise for Ongoing Success:

  • Predictable Support: Secure a set number of consulting hours each month, ensuring consistent access to expert CTO services.
  • Strategic Partnership: Develop a long-term relationship with a CTO who understands your business inside out, enabling more strategic and proactive technology planning.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy a more economical arrangement compared to on-demand services, with the advantage of predictable budgeting and reduced hourly rates.
  • Priority Service: As a retainer client, receive priority scheduling and response, ensuring your needs are addressed promptly.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Business

Each model offers unique advantages. On-Demand is ideal for immediate, short-term needs without ongoing commitment, while a Retainer service suits businesses looking for a long-term, strategic partnership with predictable costs and dedicated support. Assess your business needs to determine which model aligns best with your goals.

Transform Your Business with Expert Tech Leadership

Contact us today to learn how our Fractional CTO Services can be a catalyst for your business’s growth. Navigate the technology landscape with us for a clearer, more successful future.