About Inconnect Systems

We are a UK-based software development and consulting firm, established in November 2009. Over the years, we have carved out a name for ourselves in delivering robust, reliable, and high-performing software solutions to a diverse clientele. Our portfolio spans various industries, including Ecommerce, Warehousing and Distribution, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking, Scientific, Engineering, and Government sectors.


At the helm of our operations is Gavin Olukoju, a distinguished software architect, developer, and director with extensive industry experience. Under his leadership, we have grown into a trusted consultancy that constructs and maximises the value of software systems for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to breathe new life into existing systems through smart integration, thus increasing their lifespan and capability.

Our Mission

Our mission at Inconnect Systems is simple: we focus on providing the best outcomes for our customers. This ethos resonates in our solution-oriented approach. We are not just about writing code; we are about engineering solutions that make a difference. We look at the bigger picture, strategising to create cross-platform solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, integrating seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Our Difference

What sets us apart is our extensive experience and our unwavering commitment to the clients we serve. While many in our field may be code-focused, we are steadfastly solutions-focused, harnessing our deep-seated understanding of diverse industry needs to deliver tailored software solutions that hit the mark.

We look forward to bringing our unique blend of innovation, expertise, and commitment to your next project, delivering software solutions that don’t just meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Welcome to the world of smart integration and tailored solutions. Welcome to Inconnect Systems.