Fractional Architect Service

Transform your business’s systems and projects with our fractional architecture service. We make sure your systems are optimised for performance, scalability and extensibility. This service includes comprehensive architectural reviews, design documentation, and assurance. We specialise in optimising existing and new systems, ensuring they align seamlessly with your business goals. With our service, you get the expertise of a full-time architect without the full-time commitment. Elevate your system’s efficiency and future-proof your architecture today.

What can a Fractional Architect can do for your business?

Architectural Review

The service conducts a thorough review of your existing system architecture.

This review helps identify any potential issues or areas for improvement, ensuring that the architecture is robust, scalable, and well-suited to your business needs.

Assurance and Validation

This aspect focuses on validating the architectural choices and ensuring they align with business objectives and industry best practices.

It provides peace of mind that your architecture is not only theoretically sound but also practically viable and effective.

High and Low-Level Designs

The service includes creating detailed high-level and low-level design documents.

These documents serve as a blueprint for your system, outlining the overall architecture as well as the specific components and how they interact, facilitating clarity and better planning.

Reverse Engineering & Documentation

For existing systems, the service offers reverse engineering to understand and document the current architecture.

This is particularly valuable for legacy systems where documentation may be outdated or non-existent, providing a clear understanding of the current state of the system.


System Optimisation

This service focuses on optimizing the system for performance, scalability, and maintainability.

By applying various architectural principles the to be architecture will be structured in a way that isolates different aspects of the system, reducing complexity and improving manageability.

Additional Services

Beyond the core architectural services, additional support can be offered like technology consulting, strategic planning, and team mentorship.

This holistic approach ensures that the architecture is not only technically sound but also aligns with the broader business strategy and team capabilities.

How it Works

On-Demand Architect Service

Access expertise as you need it:

  • Flexible: Consulting by the hour for on-demand CTO services.
  • Immediate: Access to expert advice, feedback, and support for your team.

Project Oriented Architect Service

Access expertise as you need it:

  • Flexible: Consulting by the hour for on-demand CTO services.
  • Immediate: Access to expert advice, feedback, and support for your team.

Retainer-Based ArchitectService

Consistent Expertise for Ongoing Success:

  • Predictable Support: Secure a set number of consulting hours each month, ensuring consistent access to expert CTO services.
  • Strategic Partnership: Develop a long-term relationship with a CTO who understands your business inside out, enabling more strategic and proactive technology planning.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy a more economical arrangement compared to on-demand services, with the advantage of predictable budgeting and reduced hourly rates.
  • Priority Service: As a retainer client, receive priority scheduling and response, ensuring your needs are addressed promptly.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Business

Each model offers unique advantages. On-Demand is ideal for immediate, short-term needs without ongoing commitment, while a Retainer service suits businesses looking for a long-term, strategic partnership with predictable costs and dedicated support. Assess your business needs to determine which model aligns best with your goals.

Ensure your systems are optimised for success!

Contact us today to learn how our Fractional CTO Services can be a catalyst for your business’s growth. Navigate the technology landscape with us for a clearer, more successful future.